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…patients no longer will be willing to accept a care system or the products within it that view them as passive recipients of treatment. Patient loyalty can mean the difference between success and failure for healthcare organizations. Gaining patient loyalty comes down to one core factor: the ability of healthcare organizations to consistently deliver positive patient experiences. Organizations that can do so will own the future of healthcare.

Thirty Things I’ve Learned — Medium →

I could read this list every day.

Inspecting Yosemite's Icons →

Great piece on the icon / design language in Yosemite with great comparisons to Mountain Lion.

“The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say “no” to almost everything.” — Warren Buffet.

Google Design - really hoping all 3:rd party developers for Android will adapt this.


Freelance developer

I’m looking to expand my team of freelance developers. As you’ll be working remotely from wherever your are, I’m looking for people with a high working morale. Furthermore, I want developers that understand design and have a visual eye rather than people that are super skilled as most of the work isn’t super advanced. It’s usually responsive Wordpress-based sites or iOS-apps. I’m looking to build a long-term relationship with 2-3 developers with different skill sets so this is not a post for a one-off project. 

Please send links to previous sites and apps that you’ve built, your hourly rate and where you are based to

No recruiters, no head-hunters, no outsourcing companies. I’m a one-person company who’d like to support other freelancers.  


I’m  a freelance UI/UX designer that have been freelancing for the past 5 years. Prior to this, I was working at agencies for 10 years in the digital space as an Art Director / Web Director. I work with clients ranging from one-man startups to Fortune500 companies. See some of my work at

Apple To Abandon Headphone Jack? →


While a lot of this is fear-mongering nonsense, some of what Gordon Kelly puts forward with regard to Apple’s potential use of the Lightning connector for headphones actually makes some sense:

Of more relevance to most people, however, is the new functionality it will bring. Headphones with a Lightning connector would be able to do more than lower/increase volume, end calls and skip tracks. There could be specific app control or even the ability to set a specific app to start when they are connected. Since the Lightning jack can also receive power, not just send it, you could still charge a device by connecting it to your headphones while listening to music.

Imagine a pair of headphones, say, Beats, that used their bulky size to an advantage: as a backup battery for your phone. 

Now look at the bottom of you iPhone. What is the most obvious thing stopping the device from getting even slimmer? That 3.5mm headphone jack. I’m not saying Apple will ditch it anytime soon, but I do believe they will eventually ditch it.


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